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Opened in June 2019, The Detroit Writing Room is a cozy co-working space in the heart of Detroit for people to work, write and create.

While the business community is thriving in Detroit, so is the literary and arts community. The Detroit Writing Room offers a space for entrepreneurs and creatives to benefit from each other’s talents and develop relationships that further uplift the city during this renaissance.

Members and guests have access to writing coaches who can offer feedback and editing for business materials — such as website copy, e-newsletters, social media content, professional bios, press releases, speeches or grants — or literary works such as fiction, nonfiction, essays and poetry.

The coaches are award-winning journalists, New York Times bestselling authors, communications professors and professionals. We also have graphic and web design coaches for members and guests working on logos, branding materials and websites. If you’re looking to improve your photography skills or learn about photo editing, our photography coaches are among the best photographers in the city.  

We also host literary and cultural experiences such as open mic nights, poetry slams, movie screenings, writing workshops, book talks and more. If you want to host a networking event, workshop, party or other private gathering, The Detroit Writing Room is available to rent.

Founder Stephanie Steinberg dreamed of opening The Detroit Writing Room since she moved back to Detroit in 2016. A Metro Detroit native, Stephanie spent a few years reporting and editing for publications in Washington D.C. She’d often read about new businesses and events popping up around the city of Detroit. As a journalist, she wanted to be the one to tell those stories, so she returned home to be a features reporter at The Detroit News.

Stephanie covered story after story about fearless entrepreneurs who started their own businesses in the city. Many had an idea and just followed their passions. Only a few years later, those same entrepreneurs are selling their products and opening businesses across the country. While Stephanie loved telling their stories, she also caught the bug to be a part of Detroit’s comeback. And she developed an idea that would let other creatives and entrepreneurs benefit from her editing talents and network of the finest writers in the U.S.

So, she took a cue from her sources and followed her passion. She’s now opened her dream writing room for fellow writers in need of an inspiring writing space and entrepreneurs who want to make sure their website has proper grammar.

Stephanie managed to convince her husband Jake Serwer to join in on the entrepreneurial endeavor to help with events. Jake is the president of The Detroit Writing Room and founder and CEO of Espresso Public Relations, a PR firm that works with Detroit entrepreneurs and businesses. In Washington D.C. (where the two Michigan Wolverines met) he produced events for the National Press Club. Having organized luncheons with The Who, James Taylor and George Clooney, Jake can make any event Oscar-worthy.

Whether you’re coming for a coaching session, to work in our cozy living room or to attend a book talk or art exhibit, we hope The Detroit Writing Room inspires you to go after your dreams and pursue your passion.

And if you need help telling that story, you’ve come to the right place.